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I was 70 years old when I first came to you to stop smoking. In Oct. of 1988. I no longer smoke nor have I gained any weight. I have no desire to smoke. I recommended you to a friend of mine and she too has not smoked in all these years.Two years after I first came to you to stop smoking I came to you for alcoholism. My drinking had become a problem in my life and for my family I haven’t felt like drinking since 1990. I feel so much better now and in control of my life.

Thank you for your help,

Rita Martin             

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Although I first came to you to stop smoking I experienced help in another area as well. I had been diagnosed with Manic Depression 19 years ago.  I came to you to work on this problem next. I am amazed at how much better I feel since you have worked on this. The constant sadness, tiredness, worthless feelings, anger, etc. seem to be fading away.  feel like a different person. Things that used to bother me to death don’t seem to matter anymore. Friends and family have noticed these changes. Thanks to you, Dr. Zukausky, for helping me. Hypnotherapy wasn't’ as traumatic and painful as the many years I’ve had traditional psychiatric therapy.

God Bless you,


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Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky

B.S. in Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy

 Do you or someone you know have a problem that just can not be corrected or over come?

All it does is frustrate you or cause more problems.

Everything about us Physically or Emotionally is caused by something that has happened in the past.

What Dr. Gisella Zukausky does is use Hypnosis to get to what has caused the problem and then eliminate and resolve the feelings and emotions, with hypnosis, that trigger what is causing it.  Therefore, when all the feelings and emotions are resolved there is no longer any difficulty and the problem is now gone permanently.  This is done quickly and gently.  Most problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Smoking, Habits, Anger, Fear etc. are done in about three sessions.  Weight, Alcohol, Drugs, Schizophrenic, and Bi Polar, Chronic Pain and Illness take more sessions.

This is done with Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.  Not just giving you suggestions under hypnosis as most Hypnotists do.

Check the testimonial letters at the Private Therapy Link above.

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