Dr. Gisella L. Zukausky (260) 484-6727

B.S. in Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy

Other institutes and colleges have given college credits to students that have taken my courses.

Midwest Training Institute teaches Basic Hypnosis for people in the Medical and Therapy Profession as well as individuals who are interested in self help and improvement.  Basic Hypnosis teaches how to give Post-Hypnotic Suggestions correctly to help the client.  This does not get to the cause of the problem, therefore the results are not permanent as a rule.

Advanced Hypnosis which teaches Regression Therapy to direct the subconscious mind to the cause of a problem to get 100% success and permanently get it resolved will be taught in this class.  Most problems are done in about 3 sessions.  It is a non-verbal technique that Dr. Gisella Zukausky has developed which is very private, gentle, and with fast results.

The third class teaches Medical Hypnosis.  This is for anyone in the Medical and Dental field and those interested in self help.  Imagry, Hypnotic Anethesia, Painless Child Birth and Dental Problems.  Programing for very little bleeding and rapid healing for operations are a few of the things taught in this class.

Check the testimonial letters at the “Private Therapy” link from clients helped, and also the “Institute” link from students that have taken the courses.

1504 Kenwood Ave.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805